CCTV Surveillance

More people are investing in CCTV (closed-circuit television) security surveillance systems for their homes and businesses. Aside from giving them peace of mind, CCTV cameras are one of the best deterrents for would-be intruders.


CCTV uses cameras and recorders to monitor selected areas, keeping a record of it on a hard disk, with the option of accessing footage and cameras via the net or even your smartphone. Depending on the model of camera you may be able to zoom in, pan the room or have the option of night vision.


Our team can supply and install CCTV systems. It’s important you use a professional team to make sure the selected areas you want to be monitored don’t have blind spots.


Technology in cameras has come a long way with digital technology. If your system is outdated or you want the security that comes with 24/7 monitoring, contact us today.

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